A guide to becoming a developer on the Plexi project using NetBeans IDE

1. Open NetBeans IDE. Here is pic of NetBeans 7.1.1 open with no projects nor files.

2. Click "Team -> Git -> Clone".

3. Insert repository URL . Optionally insert username and password (if you're going to be commiting changes).

Click Next

4. Select master* branch.

Click Next

5. Choose and specify your own parent directory for projects and your own clone name. The parent directory is where your NetBeans projects live. The clone directory will be a subdirectory devoted to this project.

Click Finish

6. You'll be asked if you'd like to create an IDE project. Click Create Project.

7. Choose "Java Free-Form Project".

8. Use parent directory and clone name as location. Other entries should be automatically filled.

Click Next

9. The Build and Run Actions should all be automatically correctly filled.

Click Next

10. Make sure to provide src directory as source folder and test directory as tests folder. Set source level to JDK 1.6 and encoding to UTF-8.

Click Next

11. To get IDE to help with code completion, suggestions, warnings, etc. please add all files under lib directory to src classpath.

12.To get IDE to help with code completion etc. in test code please add all files under lib directory to test classpath. Also add the src directory to test classpath.

Click Next

13.Set build/src as src class output directory (which doesn't exist yet because we haven't compiled yet).
Set build/test as test class output directory (not pictured).
Also set build/javadoc as javadoc output directory.

Click Finish

14. Click "Run > Test Project (plexi)" to confirm everything compiles and all tests are passing.

15. Congratulate yourself on setting up NetBeans for your Plexi development!

Thank you.

Developers contributing source code changes should also update source code formating rules. Stay tuned for a visual guide on how to do that in NetBeans in the next episode.

California, USA