Google Search Appliance Adaptors


index non-HTTP content repositories

Code license: Apache License 2.0


Google Search Appliance (GSA) adaptors allow the GSA to crawl and index non-HTTP content repositories. They provide the repository content over HTTP/HTTPS and notify the GSA of documents in the repository. Adaptors are designed to be simple to create and get running, but still provide security, performance, and scalability. In this project's repositories you'll find the Adaptor Library and complete adaptor implementations. For more detailed description, see WhatAreAdaptors. When released adaptors are referred to as "Google Search Appliance Connectors".

Featured Product Downloads

Executable Java Jar Version   File Size in bytes MD5 Sum
Connector for Active Directory 4.1.4   11,350,491 b5209661462e48e317f96493cfce6133
Connector for Databases 4.1.4   11,390,213 b24f337aff4b01a3b5315a43f329cc8a
Connector for SharePoint 4.1.4   11,907,254 319e51e14898fb83069fb8c686adf3e2
Connector for SharePoint User Profiles 4.1.4   11,907,277 9fac999877d26d61c8595c9ff3f924c9
Connector for Documentum 4.1.3   10,989,572 d90a764ed2b556a4829ec80beda6d875
Connector for File Systems 4.1.3   12,519,645 440941865cc9197e822c75ec827d600e
Connector for LDAP 4.1.3   10,956,401 d47ce641de138fd669ca062e71118b76
Connector for OpenText 4.1.3   11,434,168 dfbe4260335e84971c7d4c7b626535bb

Windows Installer Version   File Size in bytes MD5 Sum
Connector for Active Directory 4.1.4   19,057,589 e2f1627e570cf2a70b71ec10076662b5
Connector for Databases 4.1.4   19,108,313 70a0a20de51425b75622d54dc0e00aab
Connector for SharePoint 4.1.4   19,490,052 ec5df1889325c6ba18aa8878e07fdba8
Connector for SharePoint User Profiles 4.1.4   19,420,213 0de752f2afd70cb52acbde0baf7f278d
Connector for Documentum 4.1.3   18,769,955 2ef9baaff35b7c2e894756b60c4b461a
Connector for File Systems 4.1.3   20,186,523 6520e0d5a31a6237c3ce4bf73a3f1890
Connector for LDAP 4.1.3   18,843,684 7af11550b8a58a096faa5ad8a2ad6fd0
Connector for OpenText 4.1.3   19,156,541 8f08321670946ffc07190de0c72113f0

Note: If you get an installer error with Java 8 Update 60 or later, please use this extra step to run the installer.

Product Administration Guides

     Administration information common to all Connectors:
          Administration Guide for Connectors 4.1.4
          Administration Guide for Connectors 4.1.3
          Administration Guide for Connectors 4.1.2
          Administration Guide for Connectors 4.1.1

     Documentation specific to Connector for particular repository:
          Deploying Connector for Active Directory 4.1.4
          Deploying Connector for Databases 4.1.4
          Deploying Connector for SharePoint 4.1.4
          Deploying Connector for SharePoint User Profiles 4.1.4
          Deploying Connector for Documentum 4.1.3
          Deploying Connector for File Systems 4.1.3
          Deploying Connector for LDAP 4.1.3
          Deploying Connector for OpenText 4.1.3

Instructions for developing your own Adaptor

Read GSA Connectors Developer's Guide version 4.

Download the adaptor library version 4.1.4:

Adaptor Library bundle Version   File Size in bytes MD5 Sum
library jar only 4.1.4   11,320,914 9c7389460ea82b7e6080e16e0859e2a7
library jar, source, javadoc 4.1.4   20,930,300 1d1e0528d80496d308b178db39cf2a0d


  • GSA version 7.2 or higher
  • JDK 1.7u09 or higher (earlier versions freeze and leak memory)
Highly recommended information:
Other Links:

Info for developers of the common library

Source of this project is available from a git repository hosted on github.

If you wish to use an IDE to modify the Adaptor Library consider our NetBeans visually annotated guide.

Here is the coding style guide used by current library developers.